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The Boogie Bounce equipment is exclusive to Boogie Bounce. We hold the UK patent and have a pending USA patent for our unique t-bar handle allowing us to make our routines dynamic through the moves we can perform.

The trampolines are 40" inches (1.1m*) in diameter. Calculate how many trampolines your room can hold by

We recommend finding a venue with storage, the trampolines stack securely, 20 trampolines would require a space of 8ft x 4ft (2.44m x 1.22m).

Boogie Bounce equipment holds an ASTM F381-16 standard safety certificate for both commercial and consumer use and carries full product liability. It has been specifically manufactured to withstand 25 stone (350lbs/160kgs).

Our trampolines are just £98 each + VAT (£117.60 inc VAT)

Boogie Bounce Trampoline Main
Boogie Bounce Trampoline Banner Image 1
Boogie Bounce Trampoline Banner Image 1
Boogie Bounce Trampoline Banner Image 1

Calculate Your Space

To use this calculator, enter in the length and width of your space and you will get the amount of trampolines that will fit or:-
Enter in the amount of trampolines you have or wish to purchase and the calculator will tell you what size space you need.

Amount of Trampolines

Find a Class

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