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Boogie Bounce Fitness Trampoline Rebounder

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Foldable legs and a removable base and handle means your Home Unit Trampoline with Handle will store away neatly. Enjoying a full body, high intensity, low impact cardio workout doesn’t have to take up a ton of space!

Professional Level Equipment

Our Fitness Trampoline Rebounder Includes T-Bar handle design which provides additional stability for beginners and assists with more dynamic moves – Use the same equipment used by Boogie Bounce Instructors.

Comfort Of Your Own Home

The sensational, high energy, low impact workout you can do from the comfort of your own home anyday, anytime, anywhere. Flexible workout pattern with sessions lasting just 30 minutes!

For All
Age Groups

Whether you’re 6 or 96, you set the pace for your workout every single time. Our programme gives you complete control over how light or intense your workout is!


  • On Demand mobile app with  100+ Routines  to choose from.
  • New  30 Minute  dance inspired choreographed routines released every month.
  • Multiple programmes available such as Boogie Bands and Strength & Tone. Build strength and tone up with a smile on your face and make the most of your mini trampoline.
  • Cast to a Smart TV and bring the Boogie Bounce atmosphere home.
  • From just  £1.99 per month.


Bouncing on a mini trampoline (rebounding) is an incredibly effective method of burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness. In fact, a recent study published in the International Journal of Sports Science found ‘‘…trampoline training is a more effective training method than traditional running training to increase maximal oxygen consumption and reducing fat %.’’ They discovered that rebounding is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and that “fat % decreased by 31.61% in the trampoline group and by 20.3% in the running group.” Read more here.

Working against gravity while exercising on a Boogie Bounce Trampoline requires your muscles to all work together to keep you stable and balanced while working against increased G-force. This results in increased muscle strength and toning, which coupled with superior fat burning and cardiovascular fitness benefits, allow you to feel and see the benefits your hard work. Add to this a specifically targeted programme such as Boogie Bounce Strength and Tone and you will be smashing your goals in no time!

Joint problems are often caused by a weakness in the surrounding muscles. This joint pain often restricts people from participating in exercise, which could actually be the answer to combating the joint problem itself! Bouncing on a Boogie Bounce Trampoline can help by reducing the impact and stress to joints when exercising by providing a soft gradual landing while distributing the increased G-forces equally. This means joints and muscles can be strengthened without the cost usually associated with the high impact nature of running for example. Rebounding is also encouraged by NASA to improve the bone density of astronauts returning from the zero gravity environment of space, which can help reduce injuries such as fractures! You can read more here.

Rebounding is fantastic for strengthening your entire core which includes your pelvic floor, abdominals, lower-back and obliques. We always provide low-intensity alternatives in Boogie Bounce routines, so you can build up your pelvic-floor strength without worrying about accidents.

The Lymphatic system carries nutrients to your cells and waste products away. It is dependent on physical exercise to move, and without movement cells are left in their own waste products and starved of nutrients, which can contribute to a variety of diseases. Vertical exercise movements such as bouncing are much more beneficial at pumping and flushing the lymph system than horizontal exercises such as jogging. This means that Boogie Bounce could be exactly what your cells need to effectively rid themselves of unwanted toxins. You can read more here.

Regular exercise has wonderful effects on the mind as well as the body. In the short-term, exercise increases blood-flow, loosens muscles, releases endorphins and helps clear the mind. In the long-term, exercise can help maintain your mental health, boost confidence and is even used as an effective tool to help with depression and anxiety. Read more here and here.

The Mini Trampoline and Handle Dimensions

Note: The Mini Trampoline has a weight limit of 25 stone.

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